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NEWS FLASH 1 - 2012 Road Race Series FINAL Results listing now available.
Due to serious flooding, the last event had to cancelled, so the standing
after 11 events has been declared the final result.

NEWS FLASH 2 - The 2013 events are now available. Click the link below.

Please note that Lynn Hudson is now the Race Series Coordinator.
Any queries regarding the series and forwarding of race results should be directed to Lynn.
Her email address is runningviola@btinternet.com

I will continue to publish the results on this web site.
2013 Series LATEST Results - MEN
2013 Series LATEST Results - LADIES
2013 Series LATEST Results - TEAM

Times and further details via the Glos. AAA Web Site


2006 Series FINAL Results - MEN
2006 Series FINAL Results - LADIES
2006 Series FINAL Results - TEAM

2007 Series FINAL Results - MEN
2007 Series FINAL Results - LADIES
2007 Series FINAL Results - TEAM

2008 Series FINAL Results - MEN
2008 Series FINAL Results - LADIES
2008 Series FINAL Results - TEAM

2009 Series FINAL Results - MEN
2009 Series FINAL Results - LADIES
2009 SeriesFINAL Results - TEAM

2010 Series FINAL Results - MEN
2010 Series FINAL Results - LADIES
2010 Series FINAL Results - TEAM

2011 Series FINAL Results - MEN
2011 Series FINAL Results - LADIES
2011 Series FINAL Results - TEAM

2012 Series FINAL Results - MEN
2012 Series FINAL Results - LADIES
2012 Series FINAL Results - TEAM

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