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Gandalf in London
GANDALF is a Freeman 22 Mk2.

Built in 1968 and registered in London, she was originally named 'ELLJON'. Owned by me since January 2010.
For several years she has been a member of the Swan (Radcot) Cruiser Club.
If you know anything of her history I'd be glad to hear from you. Please email John@runnerduck.co.uk.

She is fitted with the original WaterMotor, based on the pre-crossflow Ford 105e engine of 997cc capacity.
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1/12 Scale Model of a Freeman 22 Mk2

The story of this model starts in about March 2018. 'Model Boats' magazine announced that next month's edition would
contain the plans for a Freeman 22 Mk1.

I mentioned this to my brother, who said "yes, I'm up for that". Now he's in Croydon and I'm in Gloucestershire, so we
both bought the relevant copy. By feeding him measurements and photographs he was able to modify the plans to suit the
Mk2. He then declared that he was definitely making a model of 'Gandalf', so many of the details are specific to my boat. 

His life these days revolves around pottery (http://cupolapottery.co.uk), and he had made us a set of mugs for the boat.
These are faithfully reproduced on the model, as are the fenders, though don't expect them to float!

He also modelled myself, my wife and our granddaughter, although these are a little bit out of scale. We had new curtains
made a few years ago and I reproduced those on the model from the offcuts. Another feature of Gandalf is
the rubber duck money boxes we use to mark our mooring pins, and these too are present on the model.

Click here for a selection of photographs of the finshed model.